We have assembled a large reference collection of Heleniums at Sampford Shrubs nursery in Devon, – formerly a UK National Plant Collection® status. We have not renewed our membership because of lack of any meaningful support or help from Plant Heritage. This list describes and photographs the characteristics of many of the forms in the collection.
Almost all of the varieties described here are planted out to allow their characteristics to be compared and described. In commerce, there are many confused namings and we are trying to clarify these. Comments, descriptions and photographs which help improve this information are most welcome. To aid clarification, copyright is waived on these photographs but please respect the copyright of any so marked, which we do not hold. The collection can be seen growing in our garden is regularly open during the flowering season July to mid September.

We also now offer secure online mail order during early spring (to UK addresses) for many of the varieties in the collection.

All help, comments and suggestions from other growers and enthusiasts of these excellent late summer perennials are most welcome. Plants in our own collection marked *. Dimensions of leaves are those of the largest leaves generally found about half way up the flowering stem – the proportions are more significant than the overall size. Heights of plants will vary with soils and are, again, best considered as relative. Known synonyms are shown – these only serve to confuse, please keep to the correct and given name! This list is to help clarify namings and identifications it is NOT a list of the forms we propagate and sell on the nursery, for those please see the Sampford Shrubs site.

I am particularly indebited to Peter and Bärbel zur Linden, Beatrice Krehl, Professor Bernd Hertle, Margareth Hop, Duncan Skeene, Jennie Maillard, RHS Wisley librarians, Jamie Blake, Hartmut Rieger, Henk and Dori Jacobs and many others for their help with plant material, namings, descriptions, spellings etc.

Last Update: Monday 27 April, 2020

Helenium Abbeydore Bronze
Helenium Abbeydore Bronze new accession 2006, short and one of the earliest, photo taken 19 June 2007*

Helenium autumnale wild form
Helenium autumnale wild form *

Helenium autumnale JLS8807W1
Helenium autumnale JLS8807W1 Tall form of the species found by the Mississippi.170cm tall, flower 60/20mm yellow cone, light yellow, very gappy shaggy flowers reflexed throughout life flowers 10 Aug -> very branched flowering habit, leaf 24 x 145mm serrate margin, lanceolate, clean. Photo taken at Abraxas Gardens.*

Helenium autumnale praecox
Helenium autumnale praecox A seed mix commercially available. Seed raised plants showing typical colour variation. A good seed mixture from Jelitto from which some useful garden forms can be selected although they are all rather on the tall side.*

Helenium Adios
Helenium Adios selection made by Brian Kabbes in North Holland, med-tall, fairly late to flower. *

Helenium Baronin Linden
Helenium Baronin Linden Unlike any other, 140cm tall, mid-late flowering, leaf entire or slightly serrulate, lanceolate to oblanceolate 90 x 26mm mid green; flower bud orange with yellow tips opens reflexed yellow-orange 60mm, 22mm cone with almost flat prominent cone of green then light brown, reverse of petal strongly marked orange. Ex Wageningen Bot Garden BG15715. *

Helenium Baudirektor Linne
Helenium Baudirektor Linne height 80cm fl rich red fading burnt copper 50 x 19mm dark brown cone reverse coppery red leaf mid green 110 x 25mm lanceolate, v slightly serrulate. Flowers from early Aug in UK possibly earlier in continental Europe. Widely grown in Holland and Germany. Shown is No 39 in Wisley trial. Compare with the similar plants Meranti and Vivace*

Helenium Beatrice
Helenium Beatrice introduced by Dutch national collection holder Henk Jacobs in 2006-7 and named after previous Dutch collection holder Beatrice Krehl. Golden tawny yellow, neat, well formed flower on a plant to about 1 metre with clean leaves down much of the stem*

Helenium Beidermeier
Helenium Biedermeier 120cm tall. flowers from 4 Aug -> 53/17mm dark brown cone, rich yellow tips and base with bright red band reflexed throughout and strongly reflexed petal in mature flower Leaf mid green, rather marked prominently serrate, lanceolate 30 x 120mm, lower stem purple.*

Helenium bigelovii
Helenium bigelovii Wild collected form growing at the Dell Garden, Bressingham. Thanks to Jamie Blake. Similar to “The Bishop” except rather taller and requires some support, also yellow/green cone whereas “The Bishop” has brown cone. *

Helenium Blütentisch
Helenium Blütentisch a flat head of petals which are slightly upswept at the tips, very contrasting dark brown cone, slight red flush on middle back of petal, flat head (“table” in German) of flowers. Many plants masquerade as this but the true plant is relatively short (< 1 metre) and of a neat and compact habit.*

Helenium Bressingham Gold
Helenium Bressingham Gold This plant has almost disappeared from cultivation despite it’s relatively recent introduction. It is very close in appearance to Riverton Beauty and equally good. Compare flowers which are throughout the canopy on Bressingham Gold but on one level in Riverton Beauty. The best diagnostic tool I have found to date (Nov 2002) is the appearance of the resting leaf rosette in winter (see pics below). That of Riv Beauty is much more suffused with red, that of BG is almost without red except a little on leaf stems. flowers from 20 Aug 120cm tall flower 55mm x 19mm mid brown cone, golden yellow + reverse except v slight red marks, opening petals some red, flwr sl reflexed. Leaf dark green 35 x 120mm usually oblanceolate, serrulate wavy wings to lower stem.*

Resting stems of Helenium Bressingham Gold on left, H Riverton Beauty on right.

Helenium Bressingham Gold on left, H Riverton Beauty on right
Helenium Bruno
Helenium Bruno flowers from 28 July – 125cm tall. Dark brown-red, reverse similar rather uneven flower 47mm with 17mm cone, 24 x 100mm serrulate, lanceolate, mid green leaf (compare Moerheim 65mm which flowers much earlier) *

Helenium Butterpat
Helenium Butterpat 90cm flower 55 x 20mm cone green the dark yellow-brown flower egg yellow reverse similar. leaf 110 x 33mm entire or with slight serrulations and tending to obovate, fl mid July reflexes with age. There are a number of forms in circulation – picture and description is for the true plant obtained, courtesy of Jamie Blake, from the Dell Garden at Bressingham. Many plants sold as this have darker, coarser and bigger leaves and grow much taller. *

Helenium Californicum
Helenium Californicum This looks and grows very much like the wild species H autumnale *

Helenium Can Can
Helenium Can Can from Peter zur Linden (zur Linden 1999). Attractive warm tawny yellow reminiscent of Zimbelstern. Petal top colour more even than Zimbelstern with little evidence of red flecking.*

Helenium Can Can
Helenium Chelsey PVR (patented) among a batch of seedlings which Nic Geerlings (in Netherlands) bought from a retired bulb grower*

Helenium Chipperfield Orange
Helenium Chipperfield Orange160cm tall. flowers from 12 Aug. flower 55mm with 20mm brown cone, petals yellow at base strongly marked orange-brown, reverse darker. leaf 35 x 135mm, sparsely serrulate, lanceolate. Virtually identical to Riverton Gem. *

Helenium Coppelia
Helenium Coppelia This is the true form from the originator – Blooms. 85cm fl dk red tipped, small flat flowers 45 x 17mm dark red brown cone, reverse even dark red. flower fades to burnt orange small leaf 25 x 100mm dk green lanceolate sparsely serrulate. This clone is very prone to slug damage. Shown is No 30 in Wisley trial.*

Helenium Crimson Beauty Formerly listed here but all attempts to find the true plant have obtained “Moerheim Beauty”. I’d like to obtain the true plant if it still exists. Currently (2009) assessing a donation kindly supplied by the Botanical garden of Gothenburgh

Helenium Die Blonde
Helenium Die Blonde flowers from 1 Aug – somewhat sparsely petalled and uneven, 48mm with 20mm cone. egg yellow with green-yellow cone. 130mm x 37mm leaf, dark green, serrulate, lanceolate. *

Helenium Dauerbrenner
Helenium Dauerbrenner from Peter zur Linden. (zur Linden 2000). a bright yet rich red flower with 1mm gold edge, reverse similar. Flower fairly flat and evenly spaced fades to soft brick, a shade brighter than Potters Wheel, gold rim on reverse, m ht. *

Helenium Dunkel Pracht
Helenium Dunkle Pracht syn Dunkelpracht, Dunkel Pracht, Dark Beauty 120cm tall. flowers from 4 Aug – flattish flower 55mm with 17mm dark brown cone, dark red-brown petal. Leaf 35mm x 135mm dark green serrulate, lanceolate, leaf surface notably “corrugated” also undulate wings on stems. *

Helenium El Dorado
Helenium El Dorado Very large golden yellow blooms flattish brown cone (shape similar to Baudirektor Linne. Starts flowering early July. Leaf entire lanceolate, grows about 1 metre tall. New plant to commerce in 2005/2006. Superb cultivar. *

Helenium Feuersiegel
Helenium Feuersiegel flowers from 28 July – 140cm tall flower 55 x 18mm light brown cone. Petals upsweeping and upwardly curled towards margins. Deep yellow very variably marked or-red in a broad band with stronger marks on reverse. Leaf 30 x 150mm mid green serrulate , lanceolate or oblanceolate fairly clean leaf. shown is no 26 in Wisley trial.*

Helenium Fiesta
Helenium Fiesta New selection from Brian Kabbes – deliberate cross between ‘Koningstiger’ and ‘Rubinkuppel’ A jolly red/ochre yellow bicolour – yellow gold band approx 5mm wide at end of petal. The red has a bluish hue, cone dark brown, somewhat gappy flower petals often dished (partly rolled) *

Helenium Flammendes Käthchen
Helenium Flammendes Käthchen A little reminiscent of Sahins Early Flowerer but 125cm tall. flowers from Aug 6 -> 50mm with 22mm dark brown cone. Gold yellow and uneven red-orange wash, reverse more orange red Leaf 35 x 140mm, dark green, serrulate, lanceolate leaf.This is a most reliable cultivar og good light red and is one of our best doers. *

Helenium Flammenrad
Helenium Flammenrad This is the form photographed at Weihenstephan in Germany where it has been for many years. There are at least 2 forms out there but this is probably correct. The amount of red reduces as flower ages and it is quite possible that local weather conditions may alter the appearance appreciably. Further comparisons are being made with plants grown elsewhere. Note the wide spoon shaped petals. Karl Foerster always named plants after their appearance and “flaming wheel” sounds plausible.

Helenium Flammenrad – the 2 forms in commerce
Helenium Flammenrad comparison The Weihenstephan form is on the left and another (probably incorrectly named) form found in Holland and elsewhere on the right. This latter form has a bluey-red flower with a narrow band of gold-yellow at outer edge of petals. The flowers smaller than the Weihenstephan form (142 in national collection), the cone is darker, without the generously loose and shaggy character of 142.

Helenium Flammenspeil
Helenium Flammenspiel Tall and late flowering plant at its best in September. 150cm. Similar to Peregrinum & Superbum Rubrum *

Helenium Flexuosum
Helenium flexuosum – purple headed sneezeweed. also known as H nudiflorum. Species with a wide distribution in nature and covering most of the US east of Kansas. Photo © Michael Thompson & taken in the wild in Kentucky, USA and kindly reproduced with his permission. *

Helenium Gartensonne
Helenium Gartensonne This is a very tall cultivar, at least 150cm tall often more than 2 metres. Flower 60 x 18mm light brown cone. Loose shaggy clear yellow petals with lemon yellow reverse, flowers from mid August. Leaf mid green 40 x 130mm oblanceolate, almost serrate.*

Helenium Gay-go-round
Helenium Gay-go-round (orange-) red, broad yellow margin, orange behind, somewhat like a Gaillardia; fading to a yellow-orange-red blend; height 160 cm. Selected, named and described by Inez Arnold in the Netherlands. Photo Inez Arnold (copyright waived).*

Helenium Goldammer
Helenium Goldammer A new selection from Dr. Konrad Näser

Helenium Goldene Jugend
Helenium Goldene Jugend / Golden Youth egg yellow 60mm, 17mm cone reverse sim ht 70-90cm flowers late July onwards, leaf dark green 110 x 25mm entire. Readers Digest Encyclopaedia (1978) shows same plant. collection No 81 shown.

Helenium Goldfuchs
Helenium Goldfuchs egg yellow ground, reverse flushed red brown esp in centre of petal 65mm with 22mm dark brown cone, fairly sparsely petalled from 29 June – . Flower slightly larger than Goldene Jugende. 80cm, leaf 35 x 140mm entire, lanceolate, dark green. *

Helenium Goldkogel
Helenium Goldkugel Different to following plant. This one may be of Dutch origin.*

Helenium Goldkugel
Helenium Goldkugel The Karl Foerster (int 1968) named form growing at Weihenstephan.

Helenium Goldlackzwerg
Helenium Goldlackzwerg / Mahogany ht 115cm fl small 40 x 15mm green to red-brown cone, petals rich red rev similar. lf 23 x 100mm lanceolate, serrulate mid green. Shown is No 89 in collection (was 31 in Wisley trial). There may be a separate plant known as “Mahogoni” which was introduced by Foerster -see also Mahogany below. Subject of continuing investigation! *

Helenium Goldrausch
Helenium Goldrausch Gold flushed with red-brown. 120cm/48″ Golden yellow, lightly speckled orange, brown, green centre – formal shape – very free flowering flowers to 120cm in Aug 19 x 75mm serrulate margin, lanceolate leaf. Also found as “Gold Intoxication” and as “Gold Rustle”. Having observed Goldrausch, Zimbelstern and Septembergold in many locations in UK, Germany and Holland I am forced to the conclusion that most of the plants sold under these names are either identical or extremely close to each other. Peter zur Linden has been particularly knowledgeable and helpful here. It seems probable that these should all be placed here*

Helenium Goldreif
Helenium Goldreif sometimes seen as Gold Rim. 100cm tall flowers from mid August 48mm x 15mm dark brown cone. petals egg yellow at tips overlaid with red-purple. Yellow ages to ochre, reverse an even red-brown with yellow tips. Leaf a little marked 25 x 135mm mid green serrulate lanceolate or oblanceolate. accession 29 *

Helenium Goldreif
Helenium Goldreif alternative form – collection accession 133 from Peter zur Linden Mar 2003 (Hagemann 1991-2). A different plant to 29. Flat flower, 2mm gold markings, almost no gold ring on reverse. *

Helenium Hartmut Rieger
Helenium Hartmut Rieger big flower 55mm across, flat apricot yellow burnished with tawny flecks and dark cone, blooms from early August- similar to Baronin Linden (intro zur Linden 2003) *

Helenium Helena
Helenium Helena 110cm tall, flowers from Aug 10 -> 60mm with 17mm yellow cone & reverse, flower rather gappy & uneven, leaf mid green 150 x 35mm, sparsely serrulate, lanceolate or oblanceolate leaf. *

Helenium hoopesii
Helenium hoopesii – now renamed Hymenoxys hoopesii- Mountain helenium, smooth grey-green leaves, flat flowers c 75mm across bright orange-yellow. Shown flowering in Devon UK in late May 2003, 80cm tall. In wild reported as from Jun-Sep, mountain meadows, Sierra Nevada (California) to SE Oregon and E to the Great Basin. *

Helenium Indianersommer
Helenium Indianersommer The correct plant is now shown. Brick red flowers 55 x 18mm in a round dome (compare Karneol which has flat heads of flowers). Cone green then brown, petals rolled or quilled initially, some yellow on young petals then open flat brown-red/ reverse similar, leaf rather blotched, serrulate 35 x 150mm lanceolate, mid green fl from 9 Aug. see also notes on Karneol *

Helenium Jam Tarts
Helenium Jam Tarts recent introduction from Bob Brown with smallish (bluish) red flowers with gold edging *

Helenium Julisamt
Helenium Julisamt flower 48 x 18mm even head of flowers, flat, an even dark (bluey) red, cone dark brown, ht 80cm, leaf 130 x 25mm mid green rather marked. Photo at Weihenstephan

Helenium Kanaria
Helenium Kanaria Ht 110cm flowers from 28 July – 47mm cone 18mm even egg yellow and cone green-yellow, slightly reflexed, flattish flower, some gaps. About 7 notches in the end of each petals – formal shape. Leaf 145 x 42 mm big dark green and very clean with slight serrulations, mostly oblanceolate. *

Helenium Karneol
Helenium Karneol ht 110cm fl 48 x 17mm green then mid brown cone, flower dark orange-red, rev darker fades brick orange in flat heads. Leaf lanceolate, serrulate but larger leaves almost serrate 30 x 110mm. Shown is No 45 in Wisley trial *

Helenium Kleiner Fuchs
Helenium Kleiner Fuchs height 125cm flower 45 x 15mm midbrown cone, flat opens tawny yellow aging to orange-red and fading back to orange-yellow, reverse similar, leaf 28 x 130mm mid green sparsely serrulate. Named by the zur Lindens after the small tortoiseshell butterfly Aglais urticae Shown is No 53 in Wisley Trial*

Helenium Kokarde
Helenium Kokarde gold unevenly marked orange-red, reverse more evn red-brown, cone green then mid brown, quite strongly reflexed then slightly reflexed and dished, leaf serrulate 39 x 150mm lanceolate/oblanceolate. Flowers all at similar level. 135cm tall *

Helenium Konigstiger
Helenium Königstiger(synonyms Koenigstiger, Tigerskoningen & King’s Tiger) flowers from 31 July – 55mm with 20mm cone, uneven petals of dark brown red with gold yellow ring about 5mm wide at petal base and gold yellow tips to petal, reverse similar (hence “Tiger” in name?) 130cm tall dark green leaf 170mm x 45mm raggedly serrate or serrulate.* A 1964 selection by Karl Foerster

Helenium Kugelsonne
Helenium Kugelsonne Flowers from 4 Aug – 29 Aug 48mm with 19mm cone formal egg yellow with green-yellow cone, flower fairly flat. Leaf 140 x 30mm sparsely serrulate, laneceolate (narrower than 34) 105cm tall. Short flowering season. Photo taken at Weihenstephan. *

Helenium Kupferziegel
Helenium Kupferziegel ziegel=tile (as on roof) (Zur Linden 2002) 100-110cm tall *

Helenium Kupfersprudel
Helenium Kupfersprudel also seen as ‘Copper Spray’ and ‘Copper Fountain’. There are 3 (possibly 4) distinct plants with this name in commerce! This one (112 in collection) resembles a tall form a Waldtraut with big loose flowers. Being investigated. *

Helenium Kupfersprudel accession 77
Helenium Kupfersprudel accession 141Helenium Kupfersprudel accession 77 on left, Accession 141 (ex Weihenstephan) on right*

Helenium Kupferswerg
Helenium Kupferzwerg 80cm tall, flowers from Aug 10 -> wide droopy petals 52/20mm dark brown cone, reflexed as opens or red, reverse similar, well petalled, no gaps, leaf 27 x 150mm entire margin, lanceolate. Benary 1954 *

Helenium Lambada
Helenium Lambada shortish plant, late flowering with deep crimson, flat dark red flowers. Very dark green leaf. introduced by Brian Kabbes *

Helenium Loysder Wieck
Helenium Loysder Wieck brownish yellow with the petals far away from each other. The top of the flower is warm yellow, the reverse is caramel-coffee brown. The petals are rolled up, so that the brown is showing and not the yellow. Loysden is the old name of Leusden, the place where Mr Wilmink lives (introducer). “Wieck” is an old way of writing of the word “wiek”, which in English is sail arm (of a wind mill) – little more than a curiosity. from Inez Arnold.*

Helenium Luc
Helenium Luc from Peter zur Linden Mar 2003 (zur Linden 2000). Remarkably similar to Sahin’s Early Flowerer, but taller and with even larger flowers.*

Helenium Madame Canivet
Helenium Madame Canivet fairly short and upright plant with large rich yellow blooms, smallish mid brown cone , leaf and general characteristics including early flowering (from June 18) suggest H bigelovii parentage. Leaf light green, obovate with entire margin. Regrettably this plant has no vigour and despite my best efforts it has died and is now lost to the collection.

Helenium Mahagony
Helenium Mahagony 2 plants in collection bear this name – this is no 80. Ex Dell Garden, Bressingham. Early flowers are obscured by taller later ones. egg yellow ground colour unevenly washed red-brown. *

Helenium Mardi Gras
Helenium Mardi Gras Initially introduced approx 2003 in North America and sold by Blooms of Bressingham (North America) and with breeder’s rights (Bob Brown 2003). Now available in Europe, fairly short (about 60cm) and an appearance which tends to indicate H bigelovii parentage which is also suggested by early and repeat flowering, quite gappy flowers.*

Helenium Marion Nickig
Helenium Marion Nickig from Peter zur Linden Mar 2003 (zur Linden 1998). Small neat orange-red flower, yellower towards tips, fades to gold/brick shades, blooms mid-late *

Helenium Margot
Helenium Margot flowers from 8 Aug 55mm x 15mm dark red brown cone. petals roll when cool, bright gold-yellow with bright orange-red markings with distinct margin to marked area, reverse red/brown with yellow tips, fairly clean dark green leaf 32 x140mm, lanceolate, sparsely serrate.*

Helenium Meranti
Helenium Meranti (from Brian Kabbes deliberate cross between ‘Koningstiger’ and ‘Rubinkuppel’) Almost self supporting plant 85cm with old leaf remaining clean. flower brick red reverse similar, big squarish cone like a red form of Goldfuchs. 28/65mm cone pale then dark brown very young cone distinctly striped with radiating brown pattern over light green. Leaf light green , enture margin, old leaf remains clean to base, slender 25 x 140mm lanceolate *

Helenium Moerheim Beauty
Helenium Moerheim Beauty Petals very laid back (compare with “Bruno”), rich red ground fades to ochre-brown, reverse even dark red, flower 65mm across. 110cm leaf slightly serrated 25 x 125mm. *

Helenium Moth
Helenium Moth soft apricot with dark brown cone from mid August tall. intro Bernewode Plants, UK. Very slow to bulk up and lacking vigour.*

Helenium Mustard Seed
Helenium Mustard Seed intro Bernewode Plants, UK.*

Helenium Oudgold
Helenium Oudgold introduced by Brian Kabbes (near Leeuwarden, Friesland *

Helenium Patsy
Helenium Patsy seedling selected by Duncan Skeene and named by him. Leaf rosette is quite distinctive – bronze leaf with quite rounded tip. m/t height. reflexed and upswept petals – gold yellow with variable band of red which fades with age, big dark brown cone, dark and clean leaf in mature plant *

Helenium Peregrinum
Helenium Peregrinum Ex Wageningen BG 16474*

Helenium Pipsqueak
Helenium Pipsqueak / Blopip 45cm tall flower 55mm, brown cone 25mm, from 27 June – Cone appears to dominate flower with stubby petals of egg yellow and on reverse. reflexed flower all at one level across the plant. Leaf 80 x 20mm entire margin, lanceolate, mid green. Denied PBR because of alleged similarity to “The Bishop”. *

Helenium Potter’s Wheel
Helenium Potter’s Wheel flowers from 3 Aug 85cm flower 55mm, 18mm dark brown cone, deep crimson brown petal marked with 1mm gold band at petal edge, reverse similar. Rather sparsely petalled, flat flower. Leaf 110 x 33mm dark green lanceolate, serrulate. Selected and named by Inez Arnold in the Netherlands. Photo Inez Arnold (copyright waived). *

Helenium puberulum Autumn Lollipop
Helenium puberulum Autumn Lollipop Interesting flowers which are very easy to miss when planted in the garden. Seed mixture from Thompson and Morgan believed to be identical to the wild species. *

Helenium pumilum magnificum
Helenium pumilum magnificum golden yellow ground. An early flowering cultivar with a rather floppy habit only to about 60cm tall. Probably close to Helenium bigelovii. The 1930 Kelway’s catalogue lists two plants “pumilum” and “pumilum magnificum”. Athough a short plant of untidy habits. *

Helenium Ragamuffin
Helenium Ragamuffin Upwardly swept spoon shaped petals (in the Karl Foerster fashion) somewhat uneven at times, yellow ground colour marked light red, reverse red. Cone initially pale green then light brown. Leaf clean, height about 120cm, rain resistant flower. Overall impression is of a bright orange colour. New cultivar introduction from mid 2006. The first product of our own rigorous selection process. Martin Hughes-Jones 2006*.

Helenium Rauchtopas
Helenium Rauchtopas Distinctive brown flecking on the petals, more pronounced on undersides. Excellent fat clean mid/dark green leaf, serrate 55 x 140mm lanceolate, old leaf remains clean, stocky self supporting plant. 110cm tall. Introduced by Uwe Peglow from Germany who has confirmed that the spelling of the name as shown here is correct and not “Rauchtopaz” as perviously listed here and elsewhere. Added to collection during 2002 (thanks to Beatrice Krehl from Mien Ruys Garden in Holland for this and many other cultivars) *.

Helenium Red Army © University of Georgia, Meg Green
Helenium Red Army believed to originate from DeVroomens, Holland description from the University of Georgia trials in 2003 – red flower height 90cm , starts flowering early July, 17 weeks in flower

Helenium Red Jewel
Helenium Red Jewel new introduction from Bob Brown. Small dark red with a substantial blue component to the colour *

Helenium Ring of Fire
Helenium Ring of Fire Brown-red, blurred yellow band around the heart and the tips, the brown-red is flamed, flowering a long time, mid-late; very hardy; a good grower with strong upright stems. Height 145-175 cm. Selected, named and described by Inez Arnold in the Netherlands. Photo Inez Arnold (copyright waived). *

Helenium Riverton Beauty
Helenium Riverton Beauty 120cm flowers from 20 Aug 58 x 18mm mid brown cone egg yellow with slight red marks on reverse, flower flat (compare with Bressingham Gold – also compare leaf and resting crown in winter). broad leaf 145 x 45mm, dark green lanceolate or oblanceolate almost serrate, wavy wings on lower stem. Shown is no 23 in Wisley trial. *

Helenium Riverton Gem
Helenium Riverton Gem flowers from 25 July – 67mm flower with 21mm dark brown cone. Petals orange with yellow tips and bases to petals, leaf dark green 150 x 38mm serrulate, lanceolate. 160cm tall. Virtually identical to Chipperfield Orange. *

Helenium Rotkäppchen
Helenium Rotkäppchen (Karl Foerster 1952). Gappy rolled petals, rich mahogany red, dark brown cone, light green serrulate leaf, accession 136 from Peter zur Linden Mar 2003 *

Helenium Rubinkuppel
Helenium Rubinkuppel 100cm tall. flowers from 8 August-> 50/17mm dark brown flat flower rich dark red, aging brock red, reverse even dark brown-red. Leaf dark green 37 x 150mm serrate margin, lanceolate or oblanceolate leaf – compare with Dunkelpracht which has paler leaf and slightly less bright flower (from CAbx 8.00)*

Helenium Rubinzwerg
Helenium Rubinzwerg A dark red. 80cm/32″ 15 x 140 serrulate, lanceolate. The leaf has a distinctive tendency to asymmetry with a slight twist along its length. Selected by the Zur Lindens as seedling from Rubinkuppel. Self supporting and our best selling helenium on the nursery. Used widely in plantings including the millenium borders at RHS Wisley, UK.*

Helenium Sahin’s Early Flowerer
Helenium Sahin’s Early Flowerer Opening orange-red, then become orange and yellow in irregular pattern, reverse similar. Flowers from early-mid July (in Devon, UK) – big flowers, reflexed 73mm with 25mm dark brown cone. Leaf dark green 140 x 38mm, entire lanceolate or oblanceolate. 90cm tall.*

Samt Jewel
Helenium Samtjuwel 100cm tall, leaf matt and dark green, 140 x 38mm serrulate, lanceolate; flower petals rolled along their length crimson gold towards tips, reverse brownish-crimson with tips more gold; cone light the dark brown; flowers distributed throughout plant canopy. zur Linden 1994.*

Helenium Septemberfuchs
Helenium Septemberfuchs flowers from 4 Aug – 110cm tall. Distinctive dark red brown wash over egg yellow ground. Small flowers with small cone 42mm, 15 mm cone reverse a more even wash of red brown. Leaf narrow 32 x 130mm dark green, lanceolate, serrulate. *

Helenium Septembergold
Helenium Septembergold flowers very late but there are some problems with the hardiness so that plants sometimes disappear.The middle of the flower is yellow. Picture and description kindly provided by Professor Bernd Hertle of Weihenstephan and supercedes wrong information previously here. Most of the plants in commerce and likely to be misnamed and possibly “Goldrausch”

Helenium Sonnenkringel
Helenium Sonnenkringel (zur Linden 2005), neat and smallish amber blooms in August with darker reverse and attractivley scrolle petals, 110cm tall.*

Helenium Sonnenwunder
Helenium Sonnenwunder flowers from 1 Aug – Formal rich opaque yellow, 50mm, 20mm green-yellow cone reverse same. Leaf 44 x 140mm serrulate or serrate, lanceolate/oblanceolate dark green, 130cm tall.*

Helenium Summer Circle
Helenium Summer Circle Warm yellow, brown heart, a big flower, mid-late, rather long; strong upright stems at about 160 cm branching off into smaller flower stems making a broad umbel. Height 200 cm. Selected, named and described by Inez Arnold in the Netherlands. Awarded an AGM but its strong tendency to die young must make this questionable. *

Helenium Sunshine
Helenium Sunshine 95cm tall, leaf matt, lanceolate, serrate 110 x 25mm a little marked down stem; flower gold yellow splashed crimson opens reflexed then almost flat, cone intense dark brown, petal reverse more heavily marked crimson stripes; distinctive unlike any other. *

Helenium Superbum rubrum
Helenium Superbum rubrum . tall and late, ex Wageningen BG15697*

Helenium The Bishop
Helenium The Bishop Clear golden yellow, brown eye, 65-70mm, cone 30mm, reverse even yellow. , 90cm tall flowers July 10 – Fat leaves 50 x 150mm, lanceolate or oblanceolate, entire.*

Helenium Two Faced Fan
Helenium Two Faced Fan from Inez Arnold in Netherlands. Medium height, mid season flowering.

Helenium Vicky
Helenium Vicky introduced by Peter und Bärbel zur Linden in 1999 and now in collection for further appraisal. *

Helenium Vivace
Helenium Vivace A good rich red with a large dark brown cone on a shortish plant. Similar to Beaudirektor Linne and Meranti. Though in 2004 the leaf looks much more marked than either of the similar forms. From Coen Jansen, given to him by a customer. *

Helenium Wagon Wheel
Helenium Wagon Wheel .intro Bob Brown 2006 and from him. “narrow spaced-out maroonish-brown petals each petal with a fimbriate yellow section ” flowers from late July, 120cm tall, serrate leaf. similar to Loysder Wieck *

Helenium Waldhorn
Helenium Waldhorn Dark mahogany red & reverse similar open and remain flat with dark brown cone, flat sprays of refined neat and flat flowers 48/15mm. 120cm tall leaf dark green 110 x 23mm serrulate, oblanceolate.*

Helenium Waldtraut
Helenium Waldtraut (sometimes as “Waltraud”) Flower 75-80mm burnt yellow ground strongly marked orange/red except at petal base which remains yellow, reverse fairly even orange-brown. Or-red colour intensifies as flower ages, stubby leaves 25-33 x 100-140mm. 90cm July – early Sept.*

Helenium Wesergold
Helenium Wesergold 75cm tall, copious and sparsely petalled egg yellow flowers well spaced throughout the plant, flower 60mm with 22mm light brown cone with purple tints when young (reflecting H flexuosum parentage?) Leaf oblanceolate, mid green, entire 32 x 120mm. Early to flower but often looks terrible after flowering *

Helenium Westerstede
Helenium Westerstede from zur Linden Mar 2003 (H Rieger intro zur Linden). Smallish and tidy bright orange, lighter towards petal edge, mid brown cone *

Helenium Wonadonga
Helenium Wonadonga Ht 130cm flattish flower 55mm with 18mm dark brown cone. Rich or-red fading to coppery, opening more yellow, reverse darker, distinctively rolled petals. leaf small lanceolate to oblanceolate dk green 100mm x 30mm sparsely serrulate.*

Helenium Wyndley
Helenium Wyndley flowers early – from 20 June. 50cm tall 65mm flower, 20mm dark brown cone, flower notably “flat” fairly sparsely petalled and somewhat unevenly washed red esp on reverse. leaf 35 x 110mm entire, lanceolate, dark green. Similar to Goldfuchs but rather less tawny markings *

Helenium Zimbelstern
Helenium Zimbelstern flowers from late July – flower 50mm across, dark brown cone, egg yellow with a distinct orange hue, individual petals notably dished. Plant height < 1m. The colour has a character unlike any of the other contenders for this confused name – something of a honey coloration and a shade more intense and more opaque than (e.g.) Goldrausch see also Goldrausch Shown is the Weihenstephan form – note the red staining at petal base, also close is the Hermanshoff form though this lacks the red stain. Below is another contender for the name from the zur Lindens. *

Helenium Zimbelstern
Helenium Zimbelstern Hermanshoff form *

Helenium Zimbelstern
Helenium Zimbelstern Zur Linden form *