all you could want to know about growing this genus of wonderful hardy garden plants in temperate gardens.

Heleniums are much under-rated hardy perennial garden plants. They are a mainstay of the summer and autumn border but are so often overlooked by gardeners, garden journalists and growers. Why can this be? They are hardy, colourful, easy to grow, tolerate difficult growing conditions, provide months of colour, are attractive to pollinating insects and unaffected by most pests and diseases.

I hope to encourage you to think again about growing Sneezeweeds. Here you’ll find information on the growing, propagation and identification of Heleniums. You can learn about their recent history in cultivation and find out which gardens grow and display them well. Much of the information is derived from the UK National Helenium Collection held at Sampford Shrubs in Devon. I’m very grateful for the huge amount of help from many growers, enthusiasts and friends in Britain and Europe – particularly in trying to sort out confused namings and provide information on gardens worth visiting.

Martin Hughes-Jones

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